Bank of Abyssinia ATM Lists

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  4. ATM Outlying
Addis Ababa      
Abba Mela Operational Merekato Abba Mela Diebold
Addisu Gebeya Operational Addisu Gebeya Diebold
Alem Bank Operational Alem Bank Diebold
Arada Operational Piassa Arada Diebold
Arat Kilo Operational Arat Kilo Diebold
Ayat Operational Ayat Diebold
Balcha Operational Mexico Balcha Diebold
Bambis Operational Bambis Diebold
Bethel Operational Bethel Diebold
Bole Operational Bole Diebold
Bole Medehanialem Operational Bole Medhanialem Diebold
Bole Michael Operational Bole Michael Diebold
Churchel Road Operational Churchel Road Diebold
CMC Operational CMC Diebold
Debebe H/Yohannes Operational Urael Near Atlas Hotel Diebold
Ethio-China Road Operational Ethio-China Road Diebold
Filwuha Operational Filwuha Diebold
Gerji Operational Gerji Diebold
Gerji Georgis Operational Gerji Diebold
Goffa Operational Goffa Diebold
Guenet Operational Guenet Diebold
Gulele Operational Around Enkulal Fabrica Diebold
Haddis Alemayehu Operational Near Atlas Hotel Diebold
Jemo Operational Jemo Diebold
Kality Operational Kality Diebold
Karakore Operational Karakore Diebold
Kazanchis Operational Kazanchis Nega Mall Diebold
Addis Ababa      
Kotebe Operational Kotebe Diebold
Lafto Operational Lafto Diebold
Lebu Operational Lebu Diebold
Legehar Operational Legehar Diebold
Megenaga Operational Megenaga Diebold
Meskel Flower Operational Meskel Flower Diebold
Negadras Operational Merekato Negadras Diebold
Olympia Operational Olympia Getu Commercial Diebold
Raguel Operational Merekato Raguel Diebold
Sar Bet Operational Sar Bet Diebold
Saris Operational Saris Adey Abeba  Diebold
Sidist Kilo Operational 6 Kilo Infront of Miskyazunan Medehanialem Diebold
Temenja Yaj Operational Temenja Yaj Diebold
Urael Operational 22 Urael Diebold
US Embassy Operational US Embassy  Diebold
Wollo Sefer Operational Wello Sefer Diebold
Wuhalemat Operational Wuhalemat Diebold
Kolfa Not Operational Kolfa NCR
Mekanissa Not Operational Mekanissa NCR
Abinet Operational Merekato Abinet NCR
Chilot Adebabay Operational Chilot Adebabay NCR
Habesha Corporate Operational Bole Hanson Building  NCR
Imperial Area Operational Around Imperial NCR
Kidus Yarad Operational Infron of Kidus Yarad Church NCR
Saris Addis Sefere Operational Saris NCR
Shiro Meda Operational Shiro Meda NCR
Tele Medehanialem Operational Bole Near to EdnaMall NCR
Yerer Ber Operational Yer Ber NCR
Addis Ababa      
Africa Union Operational Africa Union Diebold
Airport Operational Friendship Diebold
Bisrate Gebriel Operational Lafto Mall Diebold
Bisrate Gebriel Operational Sun Building Diebold
Bole Medehanialem Operational Bole International Airport Terminal Diebold
Filwuha Operational Ghion Hotel Diebold
Kazanchis Operational Hilton Hotel Diebold
Legehar Operational Ras Hotel Diebold
Legehar Operational Abyssinia New Building Diebold
Lideta Operational Ahmed Business Center Diebold
Sidist Kilo Operational Addis Ababa University Diebold
Tobia Operational Harmony Hotel Diebold
Wuhalemat Operational Gollagual Tower Diebold
Yeka Operational Zefemeshe Mall Diebold
Kality Operational Kafdem Building NCR
Unknown Not Operational Edna Addis NCR
Nigist Sefer Operational Bambis Super Market (Not Deployed NCR
Kazanchis Not Operational Intercontinental Hotel NCR
Legehar Not Operational Abyssinia New Building (2) NCR
22 Mazoria Operational Hollywood Hotel NCR
Arada Operational Cinema Empire NCR
Arada Operational Taitu Hotel NCR
Filwuha Operational Ambassador Cinema NCR
Outlying ATM Lists      
Adama Menahria Operational Adama Menahria Diebold
Adi Haki Operational Adi Haki Diebold
Alemegena Operational Alemegena Diebold
Alula Abanega Operational Alula Abanega Diebold
Arba Minch Operational Arba Minch Diebold
Axum Operational Axum Diebold
Bahir Dar Operational Bahir Dar infront of St.George Church Diebold
Bishoftu Operational Bishoftu Diebold
Debere Brihan Operational Debere Brihan Diebold
Debere Markos Operational Debere Markos Diebold
DebereTabor Operational Debere Tabor Branch Diebold
Dessie Operational Dessie Diebold
Dilla Operational Dilla Diebold
Dire Dawa Operational Dire Dawa Diebold
Fassildes Operational Gonder Fassildes Branch Diebold
Fassildes Operational Gonder Florida Horel Diebold
Harar Operational Harar Diebold
Hawassa Operational Hawassa Diebold
Hawassa Tabor Operational Hawassa South Star Hotel Diebold
Hossahena Operational Hossahena Diebold
Jimma Operational Jimma Branch Diebold
Modjo Operational Modjo Branch Diebold
Nazrath Operational Nazrath Adama Diebold
Shashemena Operational Shashemena Diebold
Tana Operational Bahir Dar Papyrus Hotel Diebold
Arba Minch Operational Arbaminch Turourst Hotel NCR
Assosa Not Operational Assosa Branch NCR
Axum Not Operational Aksum Hotel NCR
Bahir Dar Operational Grand Hotel NCR
Enjibara Not Operational Enjibara NCR
Harar Not Operational Wonderland Hotel NCR
Hawassa Operational Haile Resort NCR
Jijiga Not Operational Jijiga Branch NCR
AtseYohannes Not Operational Mekele AtseYohannes NCR
Abdisa Aga Operational Nekemet NCR
Wolayta Sodo Operational Wolayta Sodo NCR
Unknown Not Operational Dukem/Worku Bikila Hotel/ NCR

Money Transfer

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  Exchange Rate 

  Date Feb. 25, 2017


Currency Buying Selling




1 Euro




1 Pound 28.1845 28.7482



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