• Corporate Social Responsibilites


    Corporate Social Responsibility

    Assist talented students who has faced financial constraint

      • The Bank has given full scholarship facility for 20 potential youths who had no piece of penny to pursue their educations. Seven of them are also graduated in BA, Engineering and Doctorate Degree from Addis Ababa University. Those brilliantstudents have been embraced under the umbrella of Emperor Haile Selassie I Prize Trust Organization.
      • The Bank has donated a lump sum for 200 orphans who live in Alem International Child Associations.
      • Improved the livelihoods of disabled children, youth and elderly people  
      • The Bank donated cash, raw materials of small-scale cottage industry and made other assistance for 160 disabled persons who reside at Satu local NGO.
    • Supported Ethiopian Women Traders to establish Associations Made a contribution for the development of traditional and modern art-Galleries.

      • The Bank encourages and gives professional, material, monetary and moral supports to Women Entrepreneurs when the association was established.
    • The bank has made various contributions to the Association of Art-Gallery, with a concern to preserve and to transfer those art-gallery and traditional heritages to the coming generation.
    • The bank donated birr 1 million for supporting the construction of the Ethiopian Grand Renaissance Dam besides the bond purchase its employees have made.
    • The Bank also financially support different business associations, offices, organizing exhibitions, NGOs, etc.
    • The Bank financially supported the humanitarian effort being made by Ethiopia Red Cross Society.
    • The Bank carried outs its social responsibility by donating fund in different times for Mekedonia: Home for the Elderly and Mentally disabled.
    • The Bank granted a fund to Ethiopian Patriots Association towards the betterment of the Ethiopian Patriots.

  • Looking Forward

    • *Continue improving customer focused service of the Bank.
    • *Utilize the core and card banking system at full scale to expand the Bank’s service delivery channel and enhance efficiency.
    • *Enhance the resource mobilization and allocation effort (both local and foreign)
    • *Enhancing service efficiency, productivity and cost effectiveness by enhancing the skill and execution capacity of staff    through need based training and awareness creation.
    • *Pursue the aggressive branch expansion effort.
    • *Pursue working closely with the consulting firm in the course of preparation and implementation of the Strategic Plan and  Organizational Transformation Project.
    • *Maintain the proper attention given to controllable expenses of the Bank to attain efficiency.
    • *Make the necessary preparation in Legehar building to shift most of Head Office Organs.
    • *Enhance the construction of Belay Zeleke building.

Money Transfer

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  Exchange Rate 


  Date Jun. 04, 2020


Currency Buying Selling





1 GBP 41.0895 41.9113
AED 8.4427 8.6116
1 CAD 22.9115 23.3697
1 CHF 33.9357 34.6144
1 NOK 3.2394 3.3042
1 SAR 8.2535 8.4186
1 SEK 3.3129 3.3792



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