• The remitter shall complete and sign the transfer application form with the following details:-
  • Date and name of originating (the sender) branch;
  • The mode of transfer by marking in the appropriate box;
  • Amount involved includes/excludes bank charges(By marking in the appropriate box);
  • Name of the preferred ( receiving) branch;
  • Full name and complete address of the remitter;
  • The amount of money to be transferred;
  • Amount transferred is to be deposited in cash or debited from an account(by underline the appropriate choice);
  • Full signature of the remitter;(if a third person deposits the amount of remittance in cash on behalf of the remitter, he/she shall write down his/her full name alongside the signature);


Additional Information to be noted:- 

  • Payment of Local Money Transfer may be effected at any-branch of the Bank in addition to the branch preferred by the customer;
  • The beneficiary shall be advised to complete the Local Money Transfer Payment Request Form, which consists of the secret number, transaction number, name of the beneficiary, and the remitter’s name and originating branch;
  • The remitter can apply for a refund if he/she is certain that the transferred amount is not yet paid upon presentation of customer advice & an application letter;
  • The remitter can also apply for an amendment if he/she is certain that the transferred amount is not yet paid upon completing the respective Customer Amendment Form and paying amendment charges;
  • Local money transfer order through internet and mobile banking is coming soon;

Money Transfer

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  Exchange Rate 


  Date Jun. 04, 2020


Currency Buying Selling





1 GBP 41.0895 41.9113
AED 8.4427 8.6116
1 CAD 22.9115 23.3697
1 CHF 33.9357 34.6144
1 NOK 3.2394 3.3042
1 SAR 8.2535 8.4186
1 SEK 3.3129 3.3792



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